Human liver cleansing 09.07.2015

Human liver cleansing

Enterosorbent Enterosgel is a Medical Device. The device is not medicated. It is widely used as part of a complex treatment of chronic and acute diseases of liver that have different genesis when there is a necessity of an additional support for the functioning of the general system of natural organism’s detoxification. The clinical efficiency of the enterosorbent Enterosgel, when liver diseases, is conditioned by different mechanisms, both straight and mediated. Straight ones concern detoxic action in relation to toxic metabolites and the toxins of bacteria. Enterosgel body detox, binding toxic agents in the lumen of intestines, breaks off the processes of their resorption, recirculation in an organism. Mediated mechanisms include the ability to form the protective layer made of Enterosgel particles which preserves mucus membrane from different aggressive factors. The layer of Enterosgel creates favourable conditions for the regeneration of epithelial layer, maintains the normal microbiocoenosis of bowels. This way, the intensity of toxic substances’penetration to portal bloodstream falls that leads to the reduction of metabolic and toxic load on liver and the acceleration of the processes of liver tissue’s reparation (Lysikov Y.A., 2002). Hepatoprotective action of Enterosgel detox diet was confirmed by histological studies in the thermal lesion model experiment. It was ascertained that burnt rats, after the taking of Enterosgel, showed the reduction of fatty degeneration and the growth of the content of glycogen in liver. During the whole period of observation without the use of Enterosgel detox diet, the amount of glycogen in the liver cells went down dramatically and the evident fatty degeneration occurred.

The taking of Enterosgel brings to the diminution of transaminases activity (AST, ALT) in blood serum. That testified to the decrease of the cytolysis processes in liver and the restoration of the disturbed liver functions to the initial physiological level (Nedelyaeva, 2004). When Enterosgel is added to complex therapy for the patients with noninfectious hepatitis and hepatocholecystitis, the biochemichal indices comes to normal faster: the level of cholesterol, lipoproteids, bilirubin, urea, transaminases, alkaline phosphatase, acute-phase protein, ESR, leukocytosis is suppressed, leukogram moves to the left, etc. It is accompanied by the clinical amelioration of patients: appetite is up, skin itch and weakness disappear, stools come to normal. When the chronic diseases of liver, the positive effect from the enterosorbent Enterosgel is conditioned by the adsorption of bile acids. The greatest effect can be reached when combination of biligenesis and enterosorption.

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